Communication Intelligence

That’s right, one of the most powerful tools that every business uses is Communication.

However, the extent of leverage differs from one organization to another. For the past years, we have dedicated our research and development effort to provide the best of Communication Intelligence.

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Voice Logger System

An open platform voice logger built with cutting edge technologies. It is capable of passively tapping into digital or analogue phones lines for real-time recording and/or monitoring without any noticeable interruption in the service.

Voice Mail System

A full range of Premiersoft voice messaging products that satisfy the simplest needs to the most demanding requirements:

ChattaBox – for basic Advanced Auto-attendant, Voicemail & Audiotex and a whole lot more.

On Hold Messaging (Ohm)

We put the most professional newsreader graded voice, blended with soothing therapeutic music on your line so that your callers feel that you really mean it when you say “Your call is important.”

Call Accounting

Premiersoft LinkCall is the 4th Generation Call Accounting / Call Management Solution. It helps monitor international calls hence reducing call expenses. Analyses telecommunication usage pattern and allows you to improve your organization performance.

Enterprise level! SQL Database Engine!

Computer Telephone Suite/Solutions:

– Analog Voice Logger

– Digital Voice Logger

– On Hold Music / Messaging

– Professional Voice Talent

– Auto Attendance / IVR

– Voice Messaging System

– Call Accounting System

– Enterprise Fax Server

– Call Center Solution

Deliver your corporate image with Ooomph!

How often have you called an organisation only to be greeted by sloppy music when you are put on hold?

Your organisation has spent tens or hundreds of thousand on renovation to put up a good shop front, but how many of your clients really visit you? How many times a year? Are you aware that more businesses are discussed over the phone than at your door step? Your corporate image on the line really matters.

” Your organisation should sound like a Bank.
with a touch of enthusiasm in customer service.”