Call Accounting System

Enterprise Level Call Accounting & Call Management

A nice neat package of information that help analyses employee performance, guards against toll fraud, tell you how to improve your setup to be most productive. A solution that CONTROLS your 3rd HIGHEST EXPENSES (phone bill), while BOOSTING the RETURN of your HIGHEST EXPENSES, wages!

HTML looks & feel provides even on-line tutorials!

SQL, a faster and more reliable database due to heavy call transactions!

Do not required dedicated PC

Vital information you must know

  • Analyze behavior of phone usage 
  • Determine source of heavy usage 
  • Justification of Telecommunication expenses 
  • Prevent unauthorized usage of facilities
  • Counter check your phone bills
  • Cost Allocation / Cost center
  • Sharing of phone bills
  • Track Internet connection time 
  • Phone system diagnostic (over or under utilized)

Call Seach Engine:

  • Dialed Number 
  • Country
  • Destination
  • Duration
  • Charges
  • Prefix
  • IDD, STD & Local
  • Department
  • Trunks

and many more…