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Treat your callers with Music Therapy:


The choice of music and messages should reflect your corporate touch and presence. What you are playing right now may not be suitable for your corporate image. We believe you are playing the radio or CD music because you either like the pieces or you do not know what to do about it. But think again, is that the way to handle your corporate image?


With radio especially, you are not in control. Do you think The Beatles are good or oldies will fit? What about heavy metal or Bryan Adams at the peak of his voice when an impatient caller is on the line? Sentimental . . . Are you suppose to sound that way in business?


On-hold music should not be just any piece of music. Just as you would choose different pieces for a late night or a Sunday morning, With Ohm!, we have done our research to provide a careful selection of music to calm the most anxious caller holding on the line. Our selection of music has a soothing therapeutic effect on your callers. It will calm them down in the midst of their busy schedule. Just as anyone would not mind pausing for a piece music that happens to fit their mood when they pass by a CD store.


At Premiersoft, we really mean corporate image at its best on the line. Our music will add an extra satisfying note to compliment your service standard. Your organisation has spent tens or hundreds of thousand on renovation to put up a good shop front, but how many of your clients really visit you….and how many times a year? Are you aware that more business is discussed over the phone than at your door step? Your corporate image on the line really matters.